Keg Bars & Beer Dispensing Equipment Hire

Having a party and want to arrange a keg?  Impress your guests with quality local and fresh beer from Lucky Bay Brewing! We can arrange beer for all your functions with the sale of beer in 50L, 30L, 20L & 10L kegs.  We also have available all the necessary beer dispensing equipment ensuring a minimum of fuss and maximum enjoyment.

Beer Dispensing Units / Keg Taps

Our commercial chiller plate / beer dispensing units have one tap for each keg and are suited to small volume pouring. These units don’t require power and this coupled with their compact design means they are fully portable and perfect to take away with you. Just add ice and you are ready to go!

Mobile Bar

Our bar is the latest energy efficient portable set-up for draught beer dispensing. These units have 2 taps and are suited to low and high volume pouring. Our full bar has a flooded copper font and 4 taps, also suited to low and high volume pouring. Our hire price for these units includes all fittings, lines and gas for up to 10 kegs.

HomesteadBlack JackThistle Cove (Midstrength)Wharton WitbierSkippy Rock KolshTanker Dark AleOld SmokeySandy Hook Barley Pale Ale

Insulated Esky and Beer Tap (Just Add Ice)IceMobile Bar (2 Tap)Mobile Bar (4 Tap)Staffing


When you hire Beer Dispensing Equipment from Lucky Bay Brewing you receive…

  • Commercial grade equipment including tap/s, lines and fittings
  • Professionally presented with accessories including drip trays and cover
  • 24/7 Technical support