Brew Roo Facts

  • Lucky Bay Brewing uses premium Esperance local barley (up to 15%) in every one of our brews.
    SANDY HOOK barley pale ale showcases Esperance’s premium barley as it uses 75%raw barley direct from the paddock (Gavin & Elaine Egan’s, Scaddan)
  • Lucky Bay Brewing is the only brewery in Australia using up to 75% raw local barley to make beer.
    Making Lucky Bay Brewing beers the most genuinely local brew you will drink.
  • Malting barley to create ‘malt’ uses a lot of water, energy, and ‘food miles’ to get the barley from the paddock to the malt house (in Perth or eastern states), and back to the brewery.
    Lucky Bay Brewing uses up to 75% RAW local barley -so it hasn’t used the water, energy or food miles to be produced…it just comes direct from the farmer to the brewery.
    This makes Lucky Bay Brewing one of the most environmentally friendly beers in Australia! .= guilt free true Aussie beer !
  • The brew mash from Lucky Bay Brewing beers goes to Steve Bradley’s cows down the road.
    It also goes to Tiffany Brown at ‘Bread Local’ to make wood fired sour dough ‘brewers bread’ and ‘brewers biscuits’.And to our chooks .
  • When barley goes to the malt house it all gets mixed together –so you no longer know where it’s come from. Nearly 100% of barley malted in West Australia goes to export. So West Aussie breweries are not using West Aussie malt (it mostly comes from eastern states). Because Lucky Bay Brewing is using RAW barley (ie. not malted –we do use some malt too), WE KNOW EXACTLY WHICH FARMER and which paddock it’s COME FROM = Egan’s farm at Scaddan (50km) direct to the brewery.
  • NO other craft/ micro brewery is doing this in Australia. Making Lucky Bay Brewing beer the MOST GENUINELY LOCAL BEER brewed in AUSTRALIA.

Esperance farmers = Esperance premium barley = Esperance Lucky Bay Brewing = Esperance BEER.